​Three ways to enhance your digital marketing efforts

​Three ways to enhance your digital marketing efforts
By contrast, digital marketing affords a tremendous amount of data about the efficacy of your efforts. Direct email platforms will tell you exactly how many of your emails are opened. Comparing different landing pages will tell you the number of …
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Accenture Acquisitions May Buy Chunk of Growing Digital Marketing Pie
Analysts at Forrester Research predict that the market for digital marketing will grow to over $ 43 billion in the next two years, up from around $ 22 billion in 2013. The demand will be driven by businesses seeking better returns on their marketing …
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Working the web: Is your digital marketing out of date?
Are you concerned your marketing strategy is stuck in the past? In a recent survey, over a quarter of marketers said keeping up to date with the latest marketing technology and trends was one of their most pressing business challenges. Do you fall into …
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