♥ Ultimate Youtube Guide – Description Optimization for Youtube Videos & SEO (w/ KestalCares)

★★ Liked the Video? Subscribe: ★★ In this Ultimate Youtube Guide, I’ll be going over how to Optimize your descriptions in order to strengthen your overall on-page optimization for your videos. Paying close attention to video descriptions are one of the more vital aspects that you should focus around when trying to improve on-page optimization for your videos. The First Sentence should include a strong call to action. Like in this description, you’ll see me using ascii symbols/alt codes and a link. This is to help shorten the link itself to appear more friendly to people. Alternatively, you can have the first 140 characters of your description to be keyword rich (don’t spam this), which can strengthen your overall brand as well. Both of these types of methods can be beneficial. It just depends on how you utilize it. Length is important. You would generally want to have a description over 400 words in length. Personally, I am trying to average out over 600 words. This is important as your descriptions get noticed in both Youtube and Google. The length of these youtube video descriptions only take me about 10 minutes or so to type out, and this can go a long way to strengthen your overall youtube brand. Do note that in a lets play series, you can repeat the same description, but as an added bonus I’d include an extra paragraph of what happened in that episode near the top. Join the Audience: ★ Twitter: ★ Facebook: There are
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  1. Login to your and on the dashboard/members homepage, find your bitmark. Next to the copy button, you’ll see the URL for your shortlink. Next to the URL, there is a little (faded) pencil button where you can edit it.

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