【DEMO】arturia SEM V

Demo by Katsunori Ujiie. Facebook: Like me please!

12 thoughts on “【DEMO】arturia SEM V

  1. Thatis bloody close though isn’t it, not as much fun as having hardware, but if you just need that sound in the mix, you would never tell it is software. I think they have done amazing job, I still want the hardware though! Play the video without looking at it, you maybe shocked!

  2. Okay, that may be so in case of the most emulations. But there is no hardware playing in the same soundleague like e.g. alchemy, absynth and that sort of thing. The days are over when hardware was ahead by a nose. And in the case of analogsounds software is getting better and better… look at U-he´s Diva, a real strong competitor.

  3. No one even bothers to think about how it’s all recorded! The signal chain and video mixdown can affect the sound of everything. I listened blind they sounded pretty damn similar down to human error(his playing) You wouldn’t be able to tell in a mix. And if you love Aliasing so damn much, add aliasing to your signal chain somehow. It can be done.

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