서인국 (Seo In Guk) – 봄 타나봐 (BOMTANABA) MV

Download on iTunes (Music) : 올 봄, 봄타는 ‘순정남’으로 서인국이 돌아온다. 서인국은 지난 2013년 연말 음원차트를 올킬한 지아와의 듀…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 thoughts on “서인국 (Seo In Guk) – 봄 타나봐 (BOMTANABA) MV

  1. What is the conversation between him and the girl at the last part?? Translation pleaseee >< Anyway I like the MV concept since I love seeing pictures of coffee even though I don't drink coffee hehee xD

  2. You don’t have to drink coffee too much. It will just harm your health. I’m writing this because Seo Inguk drinking coffee in this vid feel so real. It’s hurt me though.

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