서인국(SEO IN GUK) – 봄 타나봐’BOMTANABA’ (Mellow Spring) Official Music Video

서인국 – 봄 타나봐(BOMTANABA) 뮤직비디오 본편을 공개합니다! 서인국은 지난 2013년 연말 음원차트를 올킬한 지아와의 듀엣 곡 ‘이별 남녀’ 이후로는 6개월만이며, 솔로가수 서인국의 이름으로는 2013년 …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 thoughts on “서인국(SEO IN GUK) – 봄 타나봐’BOMTANABA’ (Mellow Spring) Official Music Video

  1. How can someone here say he’s ugly!!!! Yeah, he’s not as handsome as Lee Min Ho but he’s good looking in his own way! He’s very attractive, multi-talented, and down to earth! If someone thinks he’s ugly, then don’t even bother listening to his songs and keep your comment to yourself! Gosh, some people are just mental!

  2. if you guys are wondering what that 1 means, it comes from the kakao messaging app. when the other person doesn’t read your message, there is a ‘1’ there. once the person has read your message, the ‘1’ disappears.

  3. The coffee concept is killing me! I love coffee, any kind… I drink daily 2-3 cups of coffe (latte, americano, cappuccino, mocha, de olla, irish, espresso… or just instant) I just had my 4 wisdom teeth taken out… and I won’t be able to drink for 2 weeks now TT___TT The video is beautiful, the song is so nice, 서인국 is beyond adorable… but the coffee is just love, and I’m heartboken now TTwTT

  4. i used to think he was just another actor but now i’m obsessed with him haha i love his voice it doesn’t match his face haha because he always looks so serious haha the more you look at him the more goodlooking he gets haha i love this song it’s so great 

  5. I want to conversation before end who please help me ^0^ In 2:07 to 2:23 Please give me the conversation too. And before end…. B : Hello. G : Hey do you wanna drink coffee with me? B : Coffee? No never mind. G : Why are you like this….Did you busy? B : Ummm……(Then what did him say T0T Help me….??)

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