서인영 “나를 사랑해줘” MV 메이크업 / Seo In Young “Love me” MV makeup

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24 thoughts on “서인영 “나를 사랑해줘” MV 메이크업 / Seo In Young “Love me” MV makeup

  1. No way! So Young unnie are you reading my mind? I really love Seo In Young’s makeup in the music video and the other day I searched for “Seo In Young Love Me makeup tutorial” but I didn’t find a video like that. And now you uploaded one! Thanks for reading my mind :D

  2. So young unnie! I’ve been watching Bride of the Century and the lead actress looks a lot like you in my opinion haha. Loved this makeup look as always :)

  3. Wow this is sooo pretty! I’m going to Korea soon! I’m technically a guy, but I dress/look like a woman (clothes, hair, makeup, waxing, breast implants plus I learned my petite feminine body is a actually blessing-160cm and 47 kg). My girlfriend is Korean (from Korea) and her and her friends there in Korea (5 Korean women) are giving me a full Korean makeover when I visit. They’re insistent on turning me into full Korean woman! That means shopping in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun for clothes (I’m lucky that I have the body type to fit Korean women’s clothes) and makeup, getting my hair done, teaching me how to talk/act like a Korean woman (I’ve been practicing the language for a while), teaching me all about K-fashion and how to do makeup K-style. Plus, just having lots of girl time in Seoul like getting mani-pedis, princess cafes, nights out in Gangnam and the other hip areas, walking around the streets in our latest outfits, girl talk etc. I really love your hairstyle and makeup and it’s really inspired me. Super pretty; I totally want it! I’ll see if maybe I can get my hair done like it in Seoul (where do you get it done?) 🙂 Thanks for a great vid. I’m looking forward to seeing more video from you about Korean makeup and style! I totally wanna impress these friends with being able to do some Korean makeup 🙂 plus, I’m sure your vids will help once I bring all that makeup home from Korea. I’m really excited to become a Korean woman! I’ll be honest, I am a bit nervous about it but being a Korean woman is something I can’t pass up. 😀 Also, I’d love any suggestions you have about things to do for girl-time in Seoul (I think it’d be nice if I could suggest something for them)! Thanks for reading! Hope to get a reply!

  4. i like so much your videos, but is something difficult to me understand what you are talking about without subtitles, sorry but my first language is spanish, but don’t worry if you can’t put them, i’ll continue watch them, greeting from Mexico, you’re so cute and beauty :)

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