16 Replies to “엑소 보컬순위 EXO RANKING OF VOCAL”

  1. I cant choose between do and chen. Do gives me chills when I hear his voice, it’s so manly and sexy, and when I hear chen’s voice, I can’t help but smile at how good and cute his voice is, especially when he sings in mandarin.

  2. I definitely would not have placed Chanyeol that low. My order was the same up until Chanyeol, because he is a really good singer in my opinion. And he’s really good at harmonizing, which is not always easy. Like, watch their cover of Guilty or something. And I did put D.O above Baekhyun. But now that I think about it, I agree with your placement. 🙂 And I’m happy you used the Immortal Song performance with Chen & Baekhyun. It was truly amazing. 🙂

  3. Dude, did you not pay attention to the intro…? It’s based on vocal skill; not something like stage presence or emotion. I actually don’t know what Chen’s range is, but D.O and Baekhyun’s range is the same: 3 octaves 1 and a half note. Although I’m a big exotic, I can say the main vocalists are all mediocre.

  4. D.O. is the best followed by Chen then Baekhyun. There’s really not much of a difference between the three though. They all have nasality, they all strain, and they all have intonation issues. They’ve had occasional okay notes. (You can tell in a note by note vocal battle). D.O’s even sang a good, resonant A4 before. Chen’s sang open notes sometimes. Baekhyun’s a little behind the two. Starting from Chanyeol down, they can’t be called vocalists.

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