★ Game of the Year – 2011 – BEST HANDHELD/MOBILE GAME – TGN Awards – ft. Yong – WAY➚

★ Game of the Year - 2011 - BEST HANDHELD/MOBILE GAME - TGN Awards - ft. Yong - WAY➚

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24 Responses to ★ Game of the Year – 2011 – BEST HANDHELD/MOBILE GAME – TGN Awards – ft. Yong – WAY➚

  1. coolstorybroable says:

    And the Winner is: NINTENDO!

  2. chandraprabha singh says:

    SWEET! Thanks: buut I downlaod the liive Televsion App (it’s totally free) frum liveTVapp[dot]org 😛

  3. Daniel Snyder says:

    I was gonna laugh if it was Pokemon.

  4. KalleWerner says:

    its like mario galaxy on ds 😀

  5. MrChatItOut CIO says:

    this a great video, i found this one on chatitout (.com) website

  6. Asteroids64 says:


  7. TheEvoCommunity says:

    infinity blade 2 :D

  8. TheRockNinja1 says:

    battleheart. android seriously look it up its so much fun!

  9. djorre33 says:

    pokemon all the way

  10. ctrkieron says:

    legned of zelda!

  11. Rush FX says:

    I personally favor mario sunshine or mario 64, but those arent mobile haha.

  12. Curt Allen says:


  13. xXxWELSHBOYxXx says:

    The games on the 3ds are great but the 3d isn’t that good

  14. XxMijumarUxX says:

    IT”S SUPER MARIO 3D LAND! NOT MARIO LAND 3D! :3 sorry it just bothers me when people say it like that.

  15. XxMijumarUxX says:

    spoiler it’s not Super Mario 3D Land.

  16. Gonzalo Garcia says:


  17. shinjivizard12 says:

    GHOS TRICK !!!!

  18. ABK1505 says:

    Mario Land 3D is truly a great game, it’s pretty much nothing bad about it. The selection of games is truly the best portable/mobile games , and i’ve tried almost every game here. Yes pokemon could desreve the title too, but Mario Land 3D deserve the title aswel because of it’s quality and new twist. i would say this one of the better awards i’ve seen for games.

  19. Sup3rrSnip3rr says:


  20. Sup3rrSnip3rr says:

    I played only of this games :S

  21. altairsrage says:

    Where is patapon 3 bitches!?!?!?!?!?

  22. PvPwithTotems says:

    Not sure if you’re trying to make your voice like this for the purpose of the video but damn it’s so annoying.

  23. Camilo Angelo says:

    fuck off

  24. blekguy181 says:

    god dammit no love for pokemon…sigh

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