★Minecraft Survival Maps – Black Desert Reborn 2 ft. Jordan – WAY

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17 Responses to ★Minecraft Survival Maps – Black Desert Reborn 2 ft. Jordan – WAY

  1. blakesanimation s says:

    look at the discrition sorry bad spelling

  2. ThePerfectionist78 says:

    Where did you download ths

  3. skotvil says:

    Классная тёлочка

  4. aznkid100100 says:

    Blob it alway dark outside because obby is blocking the sun

  5. glitterbabes7 says:

    Who has an xbox

  6. glitterbabes7 says:


  7. Morgan Sampson says:

    Omg use the friken torch

  8. blobfishnate says:

    How is it always dark outside?

  9. pvtcaboose13 says:

    suggestion take everything from the castle and then blow the TNT. :)

  10. pvtcaboose13 says:

    fact placing a torch under water creates an air pocket! don’t forget it might help you jordon!

  11. scootersuff2012 says:

    You lost the other diamond shovel

  12. Mine4Mike says:

    Great video

  13. kyleaus10 says:

    The Xbox will have custom maps in the near future as new updates are released.

  14. brandielikespie says:

    I love this sires 😀

  15. PerpetualJordan says:

    No….I’m just playing on 1.7.3 on PC, Xbox doesn’t have custom maps as I’m aware of, not to mention the fact I don’t own one OR a capture card. 😛

  16. kaden reynolds says:

    he is playing on xbox cause it does not have the hunger bar

  17. knightrider0178 says:

    soz for the for being a pain in the butt lol about not asking if kevin was ur friend or not :)

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