★Top 5 Emblems★ – S3:E3 || CoD: BLACK OPS 2

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12 Responses to ★Top 5 Emblems★ – S3:E3 || CoD: BLACK OPS 2

  1. byLevl says:

    can you stop putting VVisGood in 1st every week?

  2. wsilver123 says:

    Selling ps3 account that is master prestige for more info send me a message to wsilver123

  3. MW3IsMyThing says:

    thats not kakashi because kakashi has white hair, but thats not sasuke, itachi, madara, or madara’s brother… but i know who it is, i just cant think of his name Dx

  4. rudyalves says:

    that naruto emblem is from no1 lol no one in the series has that eye, the face looks like sasuke but the eye is of no one :/ 

  5. Gamerscontry says:

    Yes his covered eye is the sharagan eye

  6. xcj223x says:

    its sasuke 

  7. Twitification says:

    It’s his covered eye.

  8. Gamerscontry says:

    Idk who it was by it isn’t kashi he has a sharigan eye

  9. TheSoccerboss123 says:

    Check out my emblem GT: kearnzy113

  10. finalfantasymax7 says:

    can u make azuzephre?

  11. geonelp123 says:

    Hey i have a cool one and you dont accept my fr

  12. Twitification says:

    Sure thing man, shoot me a f/r on Xbox. GT: Emblems Weekly! :)

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