♛ Skyrim Massive AI Battles – 30 Bandits VS 1 Frost Dragon

Aight People Another battle, 30 bandits go up against 1 frost dragon on a snowy mountain next fight is werewolves vs silver hand warriors Keep my forum post alive by leaving an awesome comment! forums.steampowered.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to ♛ Skyrim Massive AI Battles – 30 Bandits VS 1 Frost Dragon

  1. ColloseusXReturns says:

    Thank you! 😀

  2. RobbieEAG says:


  3. c72266 says:

    So clearly there were no women.

  4. jamesduffy09 says:

    hircine vs molag bal the original werewolf vs the original vampire…

  5. ko jo says:

    40 Skeletons vs 3 guards

  6. VGamePlanV says:

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  7. ColloseusXReturns says:


  8. Fargesucks4 says:

    Love these vids

  9. EmperorofEurasia says:

    Lol 2:33 woman strikes dragon Dragon turns and destroys woman.

  10. mrrawballs39 says:

    thumbs up if u noticed the bandit sink into the ground at @2:59

  11. AnOutlawForever99 says:

    all the dragon types in skyrim against each other

  12. liamkeeling says:

    i what to see 50 dragon vs 1000 werewolfs

  13. RandomVids565 says:

    i subbed 

  14. troy thorn says:

    last bandit: its going to be easier to run when you’re dead! *hides behind rock*

  15. troy thorn says:

    can already tell this series is going to be better than sex… then again its skyrim

  16. rockbreaker91 says:

    ahh the joy of mind less video game slaughter.

  17. Lawreles says:

    “So much easier to rob when you’re DEAD” ..He says to a dragon.

  18. kamatong says:

    I’d like to see one of these battles involving a dragon, but from the dragon’s perspective. 

  19. ColloseusXReturns says:

    Thank you :)

  20. TheAttitudecrew says:

    2:32 hero runs in and throws axe at dragon, dragon gets revenge! O.o

  21. TheSGman66 says:

    0:48 hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!! loser….

  22. jimmywright12 says:

    Sub :D

  23. reaperkilles2 says:

    3D accualy looks like the bodys are coming right at u!

  24. wolfofthunder says:

    every time dragon uses ice breath he says “hey..chill out ;)” YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!

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