❤ Minecraft Custom Maps – Skyblock Survival – Part 1 Dying – Ft. XxxGamerChick26xxX

❤ Minecraft Custom Maps - Skyblock Survival - Part 1 Dying - Ft. XxxGamerChick26xxX

Remember to leave a comment and rating! (= See the Full Minecraft: Skyblock Survival series here ➜ www.youtube.com ➜ Minecraft: Skyblock Survival – Part 1▼ In this episode of the Minecraft: Skyblock Survival we build an awesome cobblestone generator and try our best NOT to die! However our attempts are proven useless; it has been proven that lava can be very very dangerous… xD =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Follow Me At Twitter – twitter.com Facebook Fan Page – www.facebook.com Support tgnLetsPlay – www.youtube.com =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ► Minecraft ▼ Minecraft revolves around one simple principal: survival. The game is split into day and night cycles. During the day, you spend time gathering resources, whether it be searching for ore, digging holes, fishing or planting crops. Night is spent either indoors, mining underground tunnels, building tools or running around outside being chased by monsters. Genre➜ First-Person Action Publisher➜ Mojang Developer➜ Mojang =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Map Download Link – www.minecraftforum.net Texture Pack Download Link – www.minecraftforum.net =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Music featured in the video Introduction is by Epilogue! Song Title: Lights Epilogue Youtube: www.youtube.com Epilogue Myspace: www.myspace.com =-=-=-=-=Follow TGN Let’s Play=-=-=-=-= Facebook: goo.gl Twitter: goo.gl =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ————————————————————- Use the Shoutbox, Luke! ➜ tgn.tv

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23 Responses to ❤ Minecraft Custom Maps – Skyblock Survival – Part 1 Dying – Ft. XxxGamerChick26xxX

  1. duk keil says:

    Please send server IP 4 skyblock kk? Teamduncan2000@gmail.com. Anyone with skyblock email IP plz

  2. coreyrush2003 says:


  3. Ps3Exploitz says:


  4. oskarisand says:

    Hyvä video:)

  5. jacevedo98 says:

    U are a loner other ppl I see playing multiplayer skyblock

  6. Mat Quiroz says:

    She spawn killed herself..? Nice

  7. andrew brown says:

    Haha the end was funny

  8. andrew brown says:

    I think u cheated the cobble stone

  9. exploderz1 says:

    It’s kind of obvious she’s gonna fail course she did

  10. 010Mrmike says:

    i wanna play 1 time with you in a server do you can give me the ip ? ps: nice video x

  11. jake perez says:

    Lol I know rught

  12. 7011feli says:

    You got trolled real bad XD nice vid

  13. 1010hellopeople says:

    What texture pack do you use?

  14. TheDubstepBoiii says:

    TheHahaStudio sent me here. great job! 😀

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  16. ClubPodguin says:

    i like minecraft so much

  17. DoYouEatToeNails says:

    Or maybe she made more pickaxes, don’t try to be smarter then you are.

  18. Ben Bruce says:

    u just got a sub :)

  19. randiftheobaldq says:

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  20. clare hartnett says:

    oh whell i wish u a happy next xmas 

  21. kallieghaighty says:

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  22. Blackdragonbade says:

    She didnt get that cobblestone legit she used tmi or spc cause she cant get that much with one wooden pickaxe and she didnt use any other wood >.<

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