04 My Yahoo Cubicle

04 My Yahoo Cubicle

Image by cloneofsnake
My cubicle at Yahoo.

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7 Responses to 04 My Yahoo Cubicle

  1. TAKK_ says:

    do You working for yahoo??

  2. cloneofsnake says:

    Yes… I was afraid to post this photo because Yahoo might say I’m leaking company secrets or something… but I did a search and found hundreds of photos of Yahoo Cubicle, so I should be safe. (Note to Legal, there is no secret in the photo, but if it still isn’t OK to post such a photo, then please let me know. I will take it down immediately. (I love my job!))

  3. TAKK_ says:

    I learnt Cubicle for the first time. Your figure display is so funny.NARUTO^^ Everyone will think that you are an interesting work man. My work space have some figure. GUNDAM,Pinky:st,Bfigure. 😛

  4. CubeShieldInc says:

    Nice dual screen monitors. A CubeShield was be a nice addition for your cubicle.

  5. AussieGold says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Yahoo! Offices, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  6. prosolutions2003 says:

    Very cool picture! Can I use it on my cubicle blog at Used Cubicles? Thanks!

  7. Lesuerg56 says:

    Nicholas, Like your photo. Unless you object, I would like to reproduce it in a photo essay on the cubicle to appear in Comment magazine online http://www.cardus.ca/comment. Please let me know if that’s a problem for any reason. lesuerg@everestkc.net

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