1 – Day Intensive Presentation Skills: Pitch For Success!

1 – Day Intensive Presentation Skills: Pitch For Success!
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Delivering presentations is an absolute necessity in business. Whether it’s your elevator speech, delivering a pitch for investment, selling your product or embarking on a recruitment drive, you only get one opportunity to make that brilliant first impression, that will secure your success.

For most of us though, the thought of presenting fills us with dread and fear. In fact this experience is so common, that in the UK, the phobia of public speaking – Glossophobia, ranks high in many top-10 phobia listings, often out-ranking Thanatophobia – the fear of death!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could control your state of mind instantly? Be able to switch off those nerves and ‘get in the zone.’ What would your presentations be like then? Imagine yourself, authentic, confident, delivering with impact and credibility. What kind of result would that have on your business?




Our presentation skills training course is unique. We incorporate a number of performance enhancing techniques from the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), employed by many high-achieving professionals from the worlds of, sport, film, politics and of course, public speaking.

These proven and successful methods, will help you to gain access to instant confidence and control over your mind-set, giving you the best opportunity to project positivity and professionalism in your presentation, regardless of the situation – so you can achieve real impact in getting your message across.

Your 1-day intensive course, is highly experiential and interactive – filled with hints and tips. You will gain delivery skills, designed to engage your audience – putting all your learnings immediately into practice, in a safe environment conducive to learning. You will be encouraged to debate, practice and reflect. You will learn about managing your use of verbal and non-verbal communication, and the use of language in developing rapport with your audience, as well as managing audience participation.

Throughout the course you will work in groups of varying sizes and at the end of the day have one of your presentations recorded onto film by a professional so you can get direct feedback on your own performance.

New Century Icon can provide this training course in-house. This is a cost-effective approach if you have a number of people who require training. You can choose where and when you want your training delivered. We can also tailor the course content to suit your precise organisation needs. To speak to us about your particular requirements call us on +44 (0) 203 290 2555, or email us at info@newcenturyicon.com. Alternatively you can use our enquiry form on our contact page.


COURSE INCLUDES: One follow-up coaching session, and email and phone support to help you tackle your specific issues on presenting. 

COURSE TUTOR: Dr. Maya Dillon Ph.D.



  • New Century Icon’s 4 keys to delivering high-impact presentations.
  • Creating a great impression
  • Your impact and credibility
  • Mastering your mindset: take charge of your performance
  • The power of language
  • You and your voice: projecting yourself.
  • Presenting without notes: the anatomy and structure of presentations
  • Presentation content: the salient points
  • Tone: preparing for any type of presentation
  • Timing
  • Handling questions and managing audience participation.
  • Presentation planner.





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