#1 Essential Tip for One Channel SEO [Creator’s Tip #85]

There’s a lot of new featured in YouTube’s new One Channel design and it’s easy to get distracted by all of it and miss the #1 essential peice that actually …
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  1. Yeah, some other people in the comments below said the same thing. I’m not sure what to tell ya. Either the channel title will play a lesser role in SEO in the future or you’ll later get the ability to edit the title of your channel independently of G+. Not sure which is´╗┐ true.

  2. Hey Tim, at about 3:00 you suggest we change our channel name… when I try to do that´╗┐ (since my channel is “connected” to my profile name on Google+) It appears that I can no longer change the channel name without it trying to change the G+Profile name (which it won’t let me do)… any ideas on that one? In the past the ‘title’ of the channel was something I could change independent of the G+ Profile it was connected to.,, maybe that no longer works, like we no longer can add TAGS for a channel

  3. Yeah, I don’t think you can either. Hopefully that´╗┐ changes going forward, although I understand Google would like the identity to be the same across both networks.

  4. Ahh, you have your channel tied to your page? Then I’m guessing you might´╗┐ need to change your page name, too? We haven’t tied our channel to our G+ page yet, so I’m not sure what to tell ya. Sorry!

  5. Like, just how you would normally talk and write. Don’t cram in keywords into sentences where normally certain keywords wouldn’t go. For example, “This is a YouTube channel about YouTube where every week we talk about YouTube and help you make YouTube videos better for YouTube.” That’s a bad example because no one would ever talk´╗┐ like that… I hope.

  6. Depends on what exactly you mean here (I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly). Very generally, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve, who your audience is, strategy, and other things. There’s not really a right´╗┐ or wrong answer to that.

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