#1 way to rank higher in google with your blog!

1 way to rank higher in google with your blog!
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13 Responses to #1 way to rank higher in google with your blog!

  1. Mike Hobbs says:

    #1 way to generate MORE leads with your blog! #ProsperityTip http://www.mikehobbs.ws

  2. Guy Code Academy.com says:

    This is awesome. I just subscribed. 

  3. Fine Designs Signs & Graphics LLC says:

    I will be sharing this and also following your advice I AM COMMITED!

  4. BigFatMarketing says:

    Great tip bro

  5. Shaleese Slater says:

    Thanks Mike. I’m committed!! 4-5 blogs a week… :)

  6. Ernestine Emery says:

    Great tip Mike

  7. IRISH JIM says:

    This is really sound advice Mike. I have been lax lately with my Blogging but will be acting on you advice from today on

  8. Christina Bequette says:

    I’ve been pretty consistent with my daily blog posts as I really like blogging. I just want to do MORE. So I will commit not only to being consistent, but to consistently doing more blog posts each day!

  9. MrPestilence13 says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for this awesome tip. I’ve been consistent now for 30 days and this video just inspired me to continue doing that for a long time. Have a great day :) 

  10. Trap BEATS For Stars ★☆ says:

    im comitted….3-5 blogs a week from now on!!!!!

  11. Cindy Eidahl says:

    I’ve been consistently blogging everyday for the last 6 months….. and now I am starting to get leads and sales, WOW! Thanks Mike! I going to be more consistant and committed to keep on keeping on!

  12. TonynCindy Pangia says:

    Spoken like a true leader. Thank You for the blogging tip. My wife and I will be following your advice. 

  13. Harrelle Felipa says:

    Hey Mike, I was looking at your done for you content and came across this video. I don’t know how many times I “committed” to doing at least five blogs weekly, but here I am re-committing. I won’t quit! Thanks

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