13 Replies to “#1 way to rank higher in google with your blog!”

  1. I’ve been pretty consistent with my daily blog posts as I really like blogging. I just want to do MORE. So I will commit not only to being consistent, but to consistently doing more blog posts each day!

  2. Hey Mike, thanks for this awesome tip. I’ve been consistent now for 30 days and this video just inspired me to continue doing that for a long time. Have a great day 🙂 

  3. I’ve been consistently blogging everyday for the last 6 months….. and now I am starting to get leads and sales, WOW! Thanks Mike! I going to be more consistant and committed to keep on keeping on!

  4. Hey Mike, I was looking at your done for you content and came across this video. I don’t know how many times I “committed” to doing at least five blogs weekly, but here I am re-committing. I won’t quit! Thanks

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