10 Best Return Policies from Kohls, Target, Costco & More as Found in Report From Savings Expert, Casey Bond

EL SEGUNDO, CA (PRWEB) December 25, 2012

Leading up to Christmas, its all about finding the best savings and sales. But once all the presents are unwrapped, focus shifts to finding ways to turn unwanted gifts into cash, gift cards, and wished-for items. Casey Bond, personal finance expert from http://www.GoBankingRates.com, surveyed popular retailers to find those with the best return policies.

For consumers who went a bit overboard on holiday shopping, or just received gifts they don’t feel they can use, understanding the intricacies of popular retailers’ return policies makes all the difference in whether they start 2013 off on top or in debt, said Ms. Bond. These 10 stores offer the best return policies: those that make it painless to turn Christmas duds into cash or a lowered credit card balance.

1. Kohls

The retail return policy for this department store is straightforward: Return any item, anytime, for any reason, says Kohls website. With no receipt, shoppers can still exchange merchandise for a refund, exchange, or store credit. With a receipt, shoppers will get a full refund or exchange for up to a full year. After 12 months are up, items can still be exchanged or redeemed for store credit, making this one of the best return policies in retail.

2. Target

Target promises to attempt a return on every item purchased in our stores or on Target.com . . . . If a customer wants to make a return or exchange without a receipt, they will use the debit or credit card charged to verify the purchase. Or, they may offer exchange or in-store credit with a valid ID.

Returns must be made within a 90-day window for most merchandise bought from Target. Electronics including but not limited to computers, eReaders, cameras, and video game consoles must be returned within 30 days, though the 30 day refund period will begin on December 26, 2012 for items purchased between November 1, 2012 and December 25, 2012, to allow time for gifts to be returned.

3. Costco

Because all purchases from the membership warehouse club are associated with the customers membership, no receipt is needed to return merchandise to Costco. Most items do not have a time limit on returns, as long as the item is in its original packaging and condition. Shoppers should note, however, that electronics have a limited return window of 90 days.

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