10 Bizarre Business Ideas That Made Millions

10 Bizarre Business Ideas That Made Millions From goggles for dogs to plastic wishbones, here are 10 left-field business ideas that made a fortune. Music = F…
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23 Responses to 10 Bizarre Business Ideas That Made Millions

  1. Aldrich Cabagui says:

    Patrick star has a pet rock too . XDD

  2. TboneIsRogue says:

    BIZARRE business ideas…

  3. gabriel segoviano jaime says:

    That’s it,i’m going to start my rock-selling business -_-

  4. Salman Khan says:

    Forgot to mention Apple

  5. metalw99 says:

    My pet rock has stopped eating. can someone help me im worried for its health.

  6. Arkie Bama says:

    my pet rock bit me so i had to have it put to sleep.

  7. somesongrs says:

    Pet rocks….still make better pets than cats and dogs XD

  8. somesongrs says:

    A person was once hit by a rock .I felt sorry for the rock….poor thing

  9. Boris Dell says:

    My pet rock escaped his enclosure D:

  10. fictionfan23 says:

    my sister broke my pet rock. that murderer.

  11. MrGamegurukid says:

    I bet Patrick made up the idea of a pet rock 

  12. Tuppa Tapi says:

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  13. antisportisti says:

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  14. Nicholas Woods says:

    (invents pet pebble) HELL YEAH

  15. Mishu Khatun says:

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  16. zBombed says:

    You guys see that Bizaree japan animal thing at the video suggestions? Click it. Thanks ALOT alltime10!

  17. Bishop Alexander says:

    You, sir, are epic.

  18. Bishop Alexander says:

    I doubt that you have friends, based of your hateful comments on my video. You gay cat lover.

  19. 411PandaBear says:

    My dad ran over my pet rock. I feel your pain.

  20. GameFaceFail says:

    Nr.4 made me go: Awwwwwwwwww

  21. HerrKrask says:

    2:13 A wild Trubbish appeared!

  22. dothack2 says:

    scissors. but if you own a scissor pet, keep all your papers! and lock your rock in a safe place from papers!

  23. matt allan says:

    thats what i did as a kid. ended up saving 10 bucks right there

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