10 blue links: are they dead or alive in search?

10 blue links: are they dead or alive in search?
Of course I sound naïve here and I'm fully aware that good SEO involves more than just that, especially if organic search listings on the first SERP are becoming less visible. Let's take a look at the current state of play for organic search and '10 …
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34% des SERP proposent des liens en recherche universelle (étude)
Premier résultat : 34% des SERP proposent soit des images (28%), soit de l'actualité (9%), soit du shopping (1%) en "recherche universelle". Bizarrement, l'étude ne donne pas de chiffres sur la fréquence d'apparition des vidéos, par exemple, pourtant …
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News Content FTW: Proof online publication brings crawlers & customers back
In the digital world, you don't get brand awareness and revenue by resting on your laurels. Competitors are innovating around you, and you know that success today means having prime SERP real estate and top ranking web content. But can the formula for …
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