10 Creepiest Things Found On Google Maps

10 Creepiest Things Found In Google Maps From people pointing guns to the Google car to “murders?”, here are 10 of the creepiest things ever found in Google …
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  1. 10Everything says:

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  2. 10Everything says:

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  3. Tony montana says:

    How do u expect me 2 believe these were on Google maps, there’s no proof, they’re just random ass photos u guys took , #notImpressed

  4. rob robert says:

    LMAO…i bet gas mask boy was beating off. i’ve seen it many times on xtube.

  5. MinecraftChicken -Productions. says:

    I couldn’t see all the photos properly cuz they we’re a little too far…but once again it was a very cool and interesting video 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  6. Beau Agrawal says:

    Dude I just found your channel today and i don’t understand why you don’t have millions of followers. Your’e video editing and quality is top notch and your videos are interesting as hell.

  7. MrDefamatt HD says:

    2:35 fake because google street view doesn’t allow “fly view”

  8. Gordon Plays MC says:

    What about that one where there was a picture of a dog, and then in the next, the dog was lying on the ground, lifeless, like they ran it over. I forgot where it was, but I think it was like in India or something.

  9. jullienflight says:

    Why is it you can always count on the Japanese to be weird notice how they were the first?

  10. lakhan911 says:

    *lol they said #6 was unknown but if you look in the corner it tells you the street name* 

  11. BadMic - James says:

    i disliked the video just because you asked for the like. wouldve liked otherwise.

  12. Ginger Be Ballin says:

    I looked up something in new york i dont remember what but i found a guy running around in his underpants XD

  13. Choua Vue says:

    What has this world come too? Even donkey are committing insurances fraud.

  14. All New Episodes says:

    The last one me and my friends were looking around in the netherlands and started laughing when we found it cuz wtf when would there be a murder? We found this on google earth not maps tho

  15. Noeabe Carrillo says:

    How does a taking a picture in reverse make the donkey look like it’s lying down?

  16. Kristopher Leitzinger says:

    Good job subscribe fo show upload more stuff!!!!!!!!!11

  17. Mr. Kookies says:

    They took the pictures reversed? So the donkey was laying in the middle of the road then magically stood up? Nice try, Google…

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  19. zbstudios369 says:

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  20. Sir Kerbal says:

    That first one isn’t creepy, it’s just the internet

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