10 Crimes Caught On Google Earth

10 Crimes Caught On Google Earth

Thieves, tax evaders, and drug dealers have all been caught red handed on Google Earth. Take a look at our video to discover the 10 Crimes Caught on Google E…
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16 Responses to 10 Crimes Caught On Google Earth

  1. Srpski Tutorijali says:

    Not Siberian, it is Serbian :)

  2. kalo ned says:


  3. ilvonful says:

    3:20 A “Siberian” police chase? How much more ignorant can you guys get, first the vegetarian bullshit, now this?

  4. MassOreoKiller says:

    I’m telling all of you people, Google is pure evil! They want to take over the world and create a new world order! They are working with the Illuminati and Aliens to feed us with bullshit, so that we listen and become their slaves! *Puts on tinfoil hat* Oh yeah and Google also tried to rape me once. 

  5. I am a Robot says:

    God is real, who do you think created the Universe? you think it just came out of nowhere? something had to always exist to create us. Also science isn’t about facts first, they give theories first before anything.

  6. Rainbow Dash says:

    Why is there a religious flame war on every Alltime10s video? Seriously, how does a video about Google Earth spark an argument about religion? It’s mind blowing… 

  7. Awkward Alex says:

    honestly you lot. there is no proof that god, or a supreme being, exists. but there is no proof that he doesn’t. don’t force your beliefs onto others. 

  8. Crimson Dynamo says:

    Can all the faggot atheist and Christians please go do something productive with your lives, we all (normal people) realize you are trolls and have nothing else better to do with your lives, you’re worthless, good for nothing, and a disgrace to your parents, normal people come to YouTube to watch videos for entertainment and to have conversations about the videos we watch in the comment section, again I ask that you please stop acting like you’re 12 and leave and take your immature bullshit wannabe troll selves away from YouTube its not meant for that.

  9. Filiph Rogers says:

    God will see you’re crimes. Respect God or you will burn in hell in all eternity. God loves all his children.

  10. Troyler's Child says:

    +Alltime10s Can you guys please learn how to filter comments? Just please! I am tired of the religious trolling comments. They are annoying and I’m tired of being called evil because of my beliefs.

  11. The Seven Sees says:

    How to make a religion: 1. Pull shit out of your arse. 2. Smear it on every page of a book. 3. Proclaim that your book contains the answers to the most complex questions known to man. 

  12. ImAboutToCossackYoAss says:

    List of people you should ban: TheChosenOne3461 Filiph Rogers High Priest of Jesus I am a Robot

  13. Gingam says:

    You better watch out. You better not cry. Better not pout because I’m gonna tell you why. Google Earth is coming to town. It sees you when your sleeping, it knows when your awake. It knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake…(rest of song continues)…

  14. SeñorSed says:

    Holy shit, illegal swimming pool owners. I can now sleep in peace knowing these criminals are behind bars

  15. Michael John says:

    Try top ten mistakes made by Alltime10s :)

  16. Corey Mac says:

    [Insert pseudo troll comment about how God exists and how atheists are unintelligent here.] Seriously, it’s getting way too repetitive.

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