10 Future Technologies That Already Exist

From human organ printing to hologram TV, here are 10 technologies that come straight from the future. Check out even more wacky and bizarre video’s from the Alltime10 team.. @ www.youtube.com

19 thoughts on “10 Future Technologies That Already Exist

  1. Tesla didn’t really figure out how to make the electricity go to any devices… It was more like random sparks of electricity flying around. Go check any video about Tesla coil. The thing is, it can’t really be controlled, the voltage is so high that the electricity will bounce to any near enough object. Tesla did try to invent wireless energy tho, on his last days of living, but unsuccessfully.

  2. Nikola Tesla discovered #5 over a hundred years ago. This is old technology the military is finally unable to contain any longer – because workers retire and patent their variation of military technologies.

  3. Actually, I heard that cloaking like that in Mission Impossible 4 has been around since the 90’s, except without the “track ppl’s eyes software.” Pretty useless, but it exists. I’m calling BS instead on holo TV. Who would watch a constellation of white sparks when there’s youtube? Also calling BS on force fields. Trophy and Iron Curtain anti-RPG systems are good enough for that classification.

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