10 Guaranteed Ways To Boost Social Performance (or your money back*)

10 Guaranteed Ways To Boost Social Performance (or your money back*)
Event on 2015-11-04 11:30:00
10 Guaranteed Ways To Boost Social Performance (or your money back*) There is a lot of talk from a lot of "social gurus" but I don't know of any who are willing to put their own wallet up to back their words. That's why this is a 100% money back (minus any bank fees from your credit card) offer. The workshop lasts 1 hour and you will leave with the outline of the process either printed or digital as a PDF. You have 30 days (ends Dec. 4, 2015) to follow the steps and if there is no boost in your social reach, you will get your money back. Fair enough? Oh, there's a flip side too. If you follow the steps you WILL have improved performance from your social media accounts. All of the steps can be completed in just a few minutes per day. None of the steps have any cost associated with them (you *can* spend money but it's not a requirement). It doesn't matter what industry you're in or what your goals are because this workshop can be adapted to any industry and continuously expanded to fill even a large campaign for thousands of actions. Things we'll talk about in the workshop (and you will have homework to do) –  1. Finding your audience – knowing where they are, what time they are active, and even what they are talking about. You'll get links to free tools to use to help you accomplish this goal plus techniques to find information the tools won't give you. 2. Capitalizing on hot topics – without looking like an attention hound. First you'll learn how to discover hot topics then how to incorporate them into your campaigns. WARNING: Not every hot topic has a place in campaigns. Tragedy, for example, is generally out out out! 3. Building your list – you'll get tips on building your contact list that have worked for years and still work today! This alone is worth more than the price of the workshop and if you pull it off it will pay pay pay and pay! 4. Converting conversations to transactions – let's face it, posting to social media costs time and resources. Someone clicking the "Buy Now" button pays the bills. Learn how to manage and generate transactional intent. 5. Tracking results from individual actions – some actions are obvious like a like, share, retweet, etc. But what about how many people clicked on a link to get back to your "money maker"? You do have a website that actually sells things or accepts conversation, right? Please say yes – because if you say no this class may be too…. never mind. Come on, let's learn! 6. A list of over 100 current, free tools to do all kinds of things to help your online marketing for free. 7. How to focus on doing what matters and separate those tasks from things that just waste time and resources. 8. Creating powerful and easy to understand reports to help visualize social reach and performance. 9. And the proverbial "much more!" REMINDERS — BRING your laptop (and charger) unless you're really good at working on a tablet/mobile device. Also, bring paper and something to write with because some of the lesson portion will be old school. We will allow a few minutes after the workshop for Q&A and if you have more questions or need more coaching we can make that available to you as well. Seating is LIMITED so reserve your space now. We start immediately so be sure to get there early.  We're looking forward to seeing you there! About Us –  Ken Cook is a seasoned digital brand building, sales and marketing executive with a long list of accomplishments and credentials. In 2012 he was named a Reuter's Top Ten Small Business Expert on Twitter. Ires Alliston is the founder of The Alliston Group, LLC, an online marketing and web design agency in Kennesaw. Ga. She oversees the day-to-day business operations and works directly with her team members identifying current online marketing efforts, opportunities, trends and campaigns. 

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