10 Most Popular Websites

10 Most Popular Websites

10 Most Popular Websites Presenting the 10 most popular sites on the internet. Music = Private Party 90 by Elias Music Library
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18 Responses to 10 Most Popular Websites

  1. AIienware says:

    what about xangadotcom?

  2. jleer1 says:

    They mean just google search engine.

  3. Referencez says:

    Bro, you’re way behind…

  4. MZZenyl says:

    Facebook > Google? Odd. Technically speaking, Google owns YouTube, so that must change something?

  5. ca600k says:

    wtf is a Facebook?

  6. Justin Xin says:

    Google beats Baidu!!!

  7. Daniel Myszka says:


  8. colummcclelland90 says:

    never heard of it

  9. tdawg5521 says:

    i thot 1 and 2 would switch

  10. Danielle Davies says:

    Wthhh, tumblr isn’t listed on here?

  11. Aletheophile says:

    There are also a huge number of anglophones, especially if you count second+ language English speakers who use English language media. So by your logic anglophone websites shouldn’t count.

  12. aTrillionThoughts says:

    Why? because there’s so many of them!

  13. Nicole Kiser says:

    How is it I keep hearing about Yahoo imploding all the time and yet they’re getting 20% user visits per day? That’s a high level ineptness they’re showing….

  14. ninjalens says:

    even the most popular porn site only receives about 60 million views per day think about it on a slow day YouTube receives over 2 billion views per day i don’t know why you’re upset this proves there is some justice in the fucking universe

  15. aTrillionThoughts says:

    Chinese internet websites shouldn’t count!

  16. JesperFates says:

    Google isn’t number 1 anymore? O_O

  17. Armisible says:

    i cant believe more people go on facebook then google

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