10 Places Google Maps Won’t Show You

From nuclear facilities to completely unknown areas, we take a look at 10 places Google Maps won’t show you. Subscribe (new video every day!) – http://bit.ly/Top10Media.
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13 Responses to 10 Places Google Maps Won’t Show You

  1. Left4Donut says:

    I just wanna say, you have a very lovely voice Mr. Top10NarratorGuy.

  2. Lord Gaben says:

    I’m just starting to watch this video and I assume number 1 is North Korea 

  3. ImSpaceCop says:

    This guy reminds me of wheatley from portal 2

  4. Potato says:

    gg Googile mapes well playid to kep d safeti of amerierca

  5. The Dude says:

    I love this narrator because he adds comedy.

  6. Malek I says:

    I looked up most of these, and almost all of them were clearly visible

  7. rey salinas says:

    3:44 that looks like a face in the bottom left corner!

  8. Nedeljko Petkovic says:

    Sorry (Hi for my bad english)

  9. BlackShadow64 says:

    Can someone show me how to post a comment ? 

  10. Kirito Kazuyama says:

    I’m sure if you drive down the streets of North Korea you’ll find many fat children and super markets filled with real food.

  11. Max Kraft says:

    What is life? Secrets! That’s what it is!

  12. Javier Echeverria says:

    +Top10Media remember me when you reach 1,000,000

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