10 Steps to a Great Mobile Experience

10 Steps to a Great Mobile Experience
Event on 2013-01-09 08:15:00

Thinking about doing an iPhone, iPad, or Android app? Started one, but not sure how to design the UI? If so, this one-day mobile design class is for you.


Course outline

Course introduction

1.     Getting started: What not to do and mobile myths

2.     Making it mobile (instead of just really small)

3.     Mobile capabilities and constraints

4.     Mobile design principles: focused, simple, and intuitive

5.     Designing for touch and small screens

6.     A good basic mobile design process

7.     A better design process: scenarios, personas, and value

8.     An overview of mobile web guidelines

9.     Overview of iPhone vs. iPad vs. Android guidelines

10. Getting it right: how Apple and Google do it and evaluation techniques

Optional workshop: A hands-on mobile app makeover


What you will learn

What makes a great mobile user experience, mobile guidelines and principles, and how mobile design differs from desktop. You will learn the big picture, as well as the important details. Each section has at least one class discussion, so you will learn from the experiences of your classmates.


About the presenter

Everett McKay is principal of UX Design Edge and has been teaching UX design to software professionals since 2003. Everett is author of UI is Communication: How to design intutive, user-centered user interfaces by focusing on effective communication, to be published by Morgan Kaufmann in 2013. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for writing and evanglizing the Windows User Experience Guidelines. 


Other locations: Montreal, QC (Jan 14), Redmond, WA (Jan 22), New York, NY (Feb 19)

at Hotel Marlowe
25 Edwin H Land Boulevard
Cambridge, United States

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