10 Steps to Better B2B Digital Marketing (Talk+Q&A+Networking)

10 Steps to Better B2B Digital Marketing (Talk+Q&A+Networking)
Event on 2015-09-10 18:00:00
This workshop is designed to teach you how to make the most of B2B digital marketing. Our speaker, Elizabeth from Digitise This., will talk you through the key principles of online marketing and introduce you to digital marketing strategies that will accelerate the growth of your business.  Whether you are a digital marketing beginner or you have already grasped the basics – this workshop will inspire you to review your current digital marketing strategy and identify areas for improvement! ============================================ ============================================ WORKSHOP CONTENT During the workshop Elizabeth will talk about: Building an organic e-mail contact list Preparing your own marketing plan Monitoring your online marketing performance Featuring social proof on your website How to make time for blogging How to make your visual content stand out Prioritising social media management ============================================ LEARNING OUTCOMES After attending the workshop you will: Understand the importance of digital marketing for your business Become familiar with the latest trends in digital marketing in relation to blogging, social media management etc. Feel empowered  to prepare an effective digital marketing strategy Know some of the latest digital marketing platforms and apps which will help you in managing digital marketing for your business, such as Buffer Stay in touch with other attendees who are currently preparing digital marketing strategy for their own business and most importantly… ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS THROUGH ONLINE MARKETING!   ======================================================================================== TIMETABLE 6.00-6.30 PM    Arrival & Registration 6.30-7.30 PM    Workshop talk 7.30-8.00 PM    Q&A with Elizabeth 8.00-9.00 PM    Collaborative networking! ============================================ DETAILS In this workshop Elizabeth will help you to understand why digital marketing is important for your brand and how it can affect your business. She will cover useful digital marketing techniques which will help your business to generate more profit and grow. She will also share with you actionable tips on monitoring and managing your online presence through blogging, social media, content marketing and organic e-mail contact lists. The talk will feature examples of start-ups using digital marketing successfully to accelerate growth. ======================================================================================== ABOUT SPEAKER Elizabeth Malone-Johnstone is a seasoned digital marketing specialist, a Chartered Marketer and the Founder of Digitise This. – a boutique London-based digital marketing consultancy. She specialises in advising start-ups and small businesses on digital marketing strategy and helping them to achieve success with content marketing. She is well versed in both B2C and B2B marketing and regularly delivers workshops and trainings on digital marketing and social media strategy. Areas of specialisation: copywriting, content marketing, digital marketing, social media, SEO, PPC, e-mail marketing, web content management, web development, branding, bespoke digital marketing training. www.digitisethis.com / @digitisethisUK ============================================ Q&A SESSION The workshop will feature a Q&A session with Elizabeth after the talk, so make sure you get your questions ready in advance! COLLABORATIVE NETWORKING Networking is an excellent opportunity to make new connections and find collaboration partners. Participation in the session will not be compulsory, but we encourage you to participate to make the most of the event! ================================================= I look forward to meeting you at the event! Karolina / FBIZZ Hub Founder & Host

at London
Clerkenwell Workshops , 27/31 Clerkenwell Close
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