10 Strange Discoveries on Google Earth Part 2

10 Strange Discoveries on Google Earth Part 2

10 Strange Discoveries on Google Earth Part 2 Weird discoveries litter the Earth, but happily Google have made it much easier to find them! Watch on for 10 s…
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18 Responses to 10 Strange Discoveries on Google Earth Part 2

  1. Alltime10s says:

    How about ’10 things wrong with the new comment system’ Thoughts?

  2. Ben Shaw says:

    The Nevada one is clearly the Military Playing a game of darts with Experimental Nuclear missiles out there, as they do.

  3. Omar Alor says:

    The chilean poem is actually “Ni pena ni miedo”, you wrote Misdo.

  4. Maddy Diak says:

    i got a suggestion for #7…… NUKETOWN >:3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Daniel Wong says:

    That last one IS A PEOM?

  6. achurley02 says:

    1:07 #zodiac?

  7. BioHazerd6241 says:

    That reticle must be a Bullseye for a nuke, that triangle is an exclusive artwork by the only reason for, anything people are too lazy to explain… Illuminati, or aliens, not that there’s a difference :D

  8. MagnusCattus says:

    number 7is obviously proof aliens are building a super highway-lane that needs to go through earth, the reticle is like a an orange X spray painted on trees that are about to be felled for land development :P

  9. Betsy Rubio says:

    Awesome video. I just want to mention something because I speak Spanish. The words on that Chilean dessert is actually “ni pena ni miedo” not misdo. Miedo means scare or fear :) 

  10. Alltime10s says:

    Almost finished another new video! 10 Curious Facts About Being Left-Handed.. :D

  11. Alltime10s says:

    Make sure you check out part 1 – Keep your suggestions coming in! :D

  12. PowerUpMilk says:


  13. Sruthy Sreekumar says:

    guys must see this amazing i wish i could go and see it……………..

  14. Kevzete says:

    #6 ilerminaty

  15. pekinobo says:

    10. My humble guess is olgoi-khorkhoi have caused it or Mongolian death worms as they are known as in english.

  16. Sho Bud says:

    Do top 10 wanted ppl or top ppl that cheated in sports

  17. 1ChrisToth says:

    Mirage in Black Ops 2 ids located in Mobi Desert, China. 

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