10 Strange Discoveries On Google Earth

10 Strange Discoveries On Google Earth From giant rabbits to cruise missile tests, here are 10 of the strangest things found on Google Earth. If anyone wants the coordinates you can find them @ our FB page in the information tab.. ow.ly Where else to find All Time 10s… Facebook: ow.ly Twitter: ow.ly Check out a selection of video’s highlighting some Alltime10’s favourite and interesting people.. @ www.youtube.com
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19 Responses to 10 Strange Discoveries On Google Earth

  1. 2008VisualBasicDude says:


  2. Decendia says:


  3. xLixingx says:

    Here’s one: I looked up Bojangles and it took me to a Burger King.

  4. TheZombieraver says:

    What is are the comments here for? That makes no sense Sir, or Miss.

  5. TheToterkeks says:

    2:30 isn’t that hitler’s house?

  6. bisbeejim1 says:

    Too annoying to watch the subject matter.

  7. UnwelcomeWaffle says:

    No, what’s your point? I don’t have to wait on anybody to ask me something so I can make a comment on it. What is are the comments here for? Use your brain, smart one.

  8. SALeydolt says:

    lol look at the one at 1:03, beyond it looking just like a native with a headdress it also looks like he is listening to ear-buds lol

  9. thesuperlightning321 says:

    you forgot waldo

  10. thesuperlightning321 says:

    i know you play the good ones like dora the explorer:)

  11. Falcarious says:

    I was already told. People can stop replying.

  12. TheS4RP says:

    Gta san andreas

  13. NivekRezjiek says:

    2:30 Swastika is the most religous form of the hindoeism, it also means peace. Some country’s that used the swastika as a religous symbol like finland or letvia got rid of it during the war or before the war Kuna Yala had it on its flag but doesnt use it anymore, People saying its a nazi-cross, yes you are 50% right because Adolf Hitler used it; but the wrong way

  14. Mitchialia says:

    Ah I see. I don’t play shitty games.

  15. RandomFox11 says:

    Play ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ and you’ll find out.

  16. Apex230 says:

    i dont wanna live on this planet anymore

  17. kristoffer kycklingpaj says:

    the guy you play as in san andreas

  18. TheLPSV says:

    The bllod lake scared me ;(

  19. SuperPrushieh says:

    @agipfww oohh true! this track is sooo good! Hey i use this to get this song on your ipod >> bit.ly/TZq2mU?=itlie

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