10 Things I Didn't Know About Google

10 Things I Didn't Know About Google
For this week's TIME cover story on Google's “moon shot” projects — including Calico, a new company that will research ways to extend human life — I spent a big chunk of time hanging out at the company's Googleplex headquarters talking to Googlers, …
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The Grand Mufti Of Google
“Reply me its very imported,” the subject line demanded, bossy and impatient. Before I even opened the message, blinking over my morning coffee, I knew where this was going. Related. More Lives Columns · Enlarge This Image. Dmitry Gudkov. Shahan …
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Google To Fight Aging With New Health Startup Calico – Experts Weigh In
Google orchestrated a press splash earlier this week to announce its investment in Calico, a company headed by Genentech and Apple board member Arthur Levinson that will focus on aging and related diseases. But what exactly will the company do?
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