10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Calendar Master

10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Calendar Master
Google's lightweight, versatile Calendar app runs across the web and multiple mobile platforms to keep our lives organized—but just how deep have you delved into the more advanced features that it offers? Read on to go beyond the basics of appointment …
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A bunch of big companies are about to get punished by Google's latest search
The consequences for failing to get with Google's program are real: In the last update, eBay lost 80% of its prime rankings. Back in July 2014, Baird Equity analyst Colin Sebastian said in a note to investors that changes at Google may have cost eBay …
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Apple And Google Just Approved The Global Rollout For High There, Tinder For
It's been called “Tinder for marijuana users,” but Todd Mitchem hopes his app will be much more. Now, the founder of what may be the first social network for cannabis fans has passed a critical early hurdle–as Apple's and Google's own rules about the …
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