10 Ways Google Apps is Changing Business IT Forever (Breakfast Seminar)

10 Ways Google Apps is Changing Business IT Forever (Breakfast Seminar)
Event on 2013-06-05 08:30:00

It's no secret that the Cloud is revolutionizing the world of business IT, and at the forefront of that movement is Google Apps, the quickly growing e-mail and collaboration suite powered by one of the most successful companies on the planet.

Whether you're a dynamic startup team looking for cost-effective ways to collaborate, or an established industry leader looking to remain nimble and cost-efficient, it would be wise to have Google Apps on your radar.

Join us for this intimate, information-packed breakfast seminar and come away with a solid understanding of the Google Apps platform, including:

  • Why the shift towards Google Apps is a growing and important trend in IT
  • How Google Apps reduces the burden on IT employees (or reduces outsourced IT costs)
  • How organizations are cutting e-mail costs and vastly improving worker productivity
  • How Google Apps can replace costly in-house server infrastructure
  • Best practices for getting started with Google Apps


at In Good Company Workplaces
16 West 23rd Street
New York, United States

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