10 Ways to Improve a Retail Store Using Mobile Beacons

10 Ways to Improve a Retail Store Using Mobile Beacons
Thanks to well-placed mobile beacons however, this operation becomes much simpler. Individual phone signals can be tracked around the store by different beacons, allowing to know which paths are more frequently taken, which areas are most visited, and …
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Google captures iconic local buildings
Stephen Duncan, director of tourism at Historic Scotland, said the partnership with Google would showcase some of the nation's most popular landmarks. He said: “This technology will allow visitors, no matter where they are in the world, to get a taste …
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Over-50s to spend £300 on Christmas presents
The over-50s will be spending an average of £300 on Christmas presents this year, according to new research by Aviva. And children get the most expensive presents, at £109 on average. Meanwhile, grandchildren get the lowest amount spent on them, …
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