10 ways to improve your visual content marketing

10 ways to improve your visual content marketing
Event on 2015-04-29 18:00:00

In this three-hour seminar hosted by Robb Montgomery, CEO of Visual Editors, we’ll explore visual storytelling techniques that connect with social audiences.

Visual content is the key to increasing your reach on social media, and communications that embrace visual storytelling methods have been shown to be more effective in social and mobile media messaging channels.

However, visual storytelling literacy is still low in many organisations.
Course description

Organising messages and content into visual storytelling forms is a skill that can be learned. This intensive workshop teaches social entrepreneurs how to provide visual answers to story questions and gain more traction in social media with visual content marketing.

This is an informal course in a relaxed setting and, as it takes place at the end of the working day, we'll be ordering in pizza during the break. Complimentary tea and coffee are also included.

What will the course cover?
    •    Visualising data using incredible free tools
    •    Creating interactive images (with web links, audio and more)
    •    Creating short form video
    •    Video formats for Twitter, Vine, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook
    •    Producing high quality multimedia content with smartphones and tablets

at Shaftesbury Court
95 Ditchling Road
Brighton, United Kingdom

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