10 web sites where surfers spend the most time

10 web sites where surfers spend the most time
Though the Internet is made up of tens of millions of web sites, people spend the vast majority of time on just a handful of them. According to comScore, an Internet analytics company, Americans spend most of their time online on Facebook — 10.8% in …
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Google has soul: How searching the world's most popular website often reads
It's the website most of the world looks towards when searching the internet and when looking for the answers to those unresolved questions. But it seems that the world's most popular search engine can also offer its users some profound prose of its own.
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Content contagion
For 18 months Mr Hofman's group recorded every tweet containing a link to anything on the world's 40 most popular websites for news, music and videos. These featured over 1 billion pieces of content on YouTube, Yahoo, Instagram and the BBC.
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