10 Weirdest Things Ever Sold On Ebay

An old pair of Michael Jackson’s boxer shorts is just one of the 10 Weirdest Things Ever Sold On Ebay. Where else to find All Time 10s… Facebook: ow.ly Twitter: ow.ly Check out a selection of video’s highlighting some Alltime10’s favourite and interesting people.. @ www.youtube.com
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17 Responses to 10 Weirdest Things Ever Sold On Ebay

  1. HelpYouEarnMore says:

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  2. joeysr21990 says:

    i’ll buy it for 100 air dollars

  3. Laurena Schmidt says:

    @Quenton Stienburg

  4. Quenton Stienburg says:

    Nope it costs like 6 clicks (better make a trip to your mouse)

  5. Lewis Makkashi says:

    Well, maybe if Scarlet Johansen did use it for her nose maybe I would have bought it,*nudge nudge, wink wink*…..maybe her foot…….

  6. redofspades says:

    And there’s people out there who haven’t eaten in three days in a planet full of resources where people do nothing but work,sorry if I say FUCK THESE PEOPLE!!

  7. jayblade2000 says:

    The guy who bought the man’s life was told to get one. :)

  8. bishoplord says:

    They didn’t list a “rat’s ass”. I couldn’t give one, but I’m sure someone else sold one.

  9. JayDaVillian1991 says:

    surprised sold virginity didnt make the list

  10. clif570 says:

    where’s the guy that tried to sell Portugal??

  11. Poodleinacan says:

    Who wants my 6″ dick (not joking)? I’m selling for 1m$… For when I’m dead.

  12. Poodleinacan says:

    0:49 That’s the stupidest thing ever. The reason why we are here, is because of evolution and specie survival.

  13. RetroSerbian says:

    #6 That was in Serbia i saw it on news they were seling it for 100 dinars (thats 1 euro) as a joke The creepy thing is that alot of people were intersted

  14. satanicsteve101 says:

    no, but you can buy my air band: base guitar, drums, guitar, banjo, flute, stand up base its worth over $4000 but ill sell it for $2500 thats right a $4000 value for $2500

  15. thedarknessinside99 says:

    oh he got something, just wasn’t anything resembling cake

  16. SaucyBegger25 says:

    this is nothing compared to what i saw on ebay in december.. a hand made cardboard cut out sony psp. made with plain cardboard n a black marker. it said works great, like new. and postage was like £10 i shit you not

  17. johnny555slo says:

    i have two half-eaten cakes from PSY, you can get it for half a price (=> 1000000€).

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