10 Weirdest Things on Google Street View

10 Weirdest Things on Google Street View

10 Weirdest Things on Google Street View Sinister pigeons, abandoned babies, and Waldo have all been captured by the Google car. Discover the 10 weirdest sig…

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19 Responses to 10 Weirdest Things on Google Street View

  1. Alltime10s says:

    If you know any other Weird things on Google Street View, Please post them in this thread.. Maybe we will make a part two..

  2. Alltime10s says:

    Our latest video, 10 Banned Toys

  3. Alltime10s says:

    Our latest video, 10 Near Indestructible Creatures

  4. Conkave4 says:

    these fucking british cunts are always looking to start a fight with the greatest country in the world. man, i can’t watch a single video on youtube without seeing some damn british kid attacking american culture.

  5. TheCheekyMonkey1001 says:

    You claim to be British yet you act like Americans. Its Wally, Not Waldo for fucking hell’s sake! Its Also Pounds not Dollars!

  6. TopLifeHacks says:

    I have a dig bick You that read wrong You also read that wrong You just checked the last line to see if I’m fucking with you.

  7. connor karagianis says:

    its wally not waldo!!!

  8. TheKingraptor724 says:

    Of course the violent crimes and drugs were black guys

  9. Rob Dyke says:

    Crazy…love it!

  10. Jesus Herbert Fucking Christ says:

    My eyes reach further than Google Street View my children. I enjoy watching you touch yourselves and recommend that you all try to fap at least 3 times a day ;)

  11. MyNameIsLeroyJenkins says:

    I wish british people would shut the hell up already about how it’s “Wally” instead of Waldo. American people call him Waldo, British people call him Wally. That’s it. How would you guys liked it if we told you to stop calling your fucking moms “mum”. Seriously it sounds like a retard trying to speak

  12. TodoNintendoS says:

    That’s sure a funny one. It was the perfect time to do a happy video instead of videos about death and terrorism. Keep the work up!

  13. Charlie Carter-Banks says:

    Waldo.. Don’t you mean Wally?

  14. Hoodiahoy says:

    Quite normal now in what our society has turned into x’D

  15. Zeron! says:

    A couple years back, *while in class* I unintentionally spotted my father on Bing Maps holding hands with a woman I’d never met, and he denied ever knowing her. Long story short, him and my mother split up and it wasn’t fun. I was 11 when it happened btw.

  16. Andre dex says:

    Who the heck searches for pictures like no.1 just to complain about it 

  17. Bernard Berari says:

    before everyone starts replying to the first comments: Those replies are just as annoying as “FIRST”, so please just let them enjoy their “victory”

  18. I'mTheDrummer says:

    UK: “It’s Wally not Waldo!!!” Picture if you will, a world where Alltime10s put Wally instead of Waldo in this video. US: “It’s Waldo not Wally” Annoying either way.

  19. msindependent2021 says:

    I saw a dead dog near the naked man

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