10 Words That Don’t Translate Into English

10 Words That Don’t Translate Into English Have you got a backpfeifengesicht? Find out here, along with 9 other terms that don’t translate into the English language. Music = Funked Out by Bob Bradley
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  1. If you want a twist on it, next time someone asks to use your computer if it is password protected tell them yes and that the password is (spell it out) g-u-l-l-i-b-l-e When they say “it doesn’t work say “oh, it’s with a capital G” then spell it out again. Repeat until they figure it out, then laugh maniacally.

  2. No it doesnt mean the same: Schadenfreude is if you laugh or are happy if someone else gets damaged or is treated badly. Masochism is if you get horny to get damaged yourself.

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