100 Cupcakes Game

100 Cupcakes Game

Image by Z Andrei
This is an awesome game that I saw at a party the other day. They people hosting made 100 cupcakes, each one representing a certain game, board, video, or otherwise. This was an amazing effort, considering the detailed work and imagination that went into it.

The goal of the game was to identify all the games from the clues on top of the cupcakes. I challenge you to do the same and leave a note around the cupcake with the name of the game. If the cupcake already has a note, don’t make another one, even if you think the person identified the game incorrectly. I’ll review the notes periodically and remove the wrong ones. Click on All Sizes button to see the larger version of the image.

If you prefer to play on your own, download the image, upload it to your own account, put the notes around the cupcakes yourself, and leave a comment here referring to it. The highest score at the party was 89.

Good luck!

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43 Responses to 100 Cupcakes Game

  1. Melanie's Pics says:

    This was an awesome game & we had fun! The highest score was 89 or 90. Would be interesting to see if anyone can do better! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. thekad says:

    Man, I could go on all night long, but guess more people would like to give it a shot :) I personally loved the Frogger cup, very cute. And I loved that Asteroids is there as well

  3. Z Andrei says:

    thekad, copy the photo to your own account and play there, like the description says. :)

  4. lauraglu says:

    @thekad, You + Me, tagteam.

  5. thekad says:

    lauraglu high five! :)

  6. mikenewton says:

    didn’t see this until this morning. super addicting. great idea!

  7. ZAMN says:

    So much fun! Now THAT’S a real party.

  8. abakedcreation says:

    Two thumbs up!!!!

  9. Z Andrei says:

    I deleted a few erroneous notes (according to the sheet I got at the party). :)

  10. mikeychapel says:

    I added Pass the Pigs and Mille Bornes

  11. pomegranategeca says:

    I added Pass the Pigs last night. Strange that it’s not there tonight.

  12. Z Andrei says:

    I removed Pass the Pigs because the sheet from the game said Pig Mania, but I guess that’s the old name. Feel free to add Pass the Pigs back.

  13. lilaznoreo says:

    That is awesome! Nice job!

  14. Miss Cellania says:

    Is it the same cupcakes as this game? http://www.steelheadstudio.com/100cupcakes/

  15. pinguino says:

    this is so amazing. best game ever.

  16. cupcake fan says:

    Love the digdug and hungry hippo cupcakes. What an amazing idea for a cupcake game. Can’t wait to share it with my readers. thanks, http://www.partycupcakeideas.com

  17. ^CiViLoN^ says:

    reversi/go ? it’s not the same game, in fact i think it’s the go game en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game)



  19. heizusan says:

    I’m with CiViLoN. Othello/Reversi, it’d be hard to get the black/white/black/white column. Go, that board is 100% possible (and likely). Also, Breakout could just as easily be Arkanoid.

  20. heizusan says:

    And centipede could be millipede, as well. I thought Defender was Gradius… but I don’t remember any blue octopus looking enemies in Gradius. So I can admit I’m wrong, there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Z Andrei says:

    Miss Cellania, yes, it’s the same person/game.

  22. Dougal Campbell says:

    @^CiViLoN^ + @heizusan: that has to be Reversi (AKA Othello). In Go, the pieces sit on the intersections of the lines, not inside the squares, right?

  23. Z Andrei says:

    Let me be clear, #61 โ€“ which is 3rd in the first column in the bottom left quadrant โ€“ is not Chinese Checkers.

  24. chix0rgirl says:

    Wow, that’s awesome

  25. Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = > says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Circle Mania: bubbles, orbs, marbles. spheres, disks, etc., and we’d love to have this added to the group! Wonderful!

  26. clevernotbeautiful says:

    so funny

  27. stevenhasty says:

    @heizusan is correct re the reversi column being unlikely, and @dougal is correct re go having pieces on the intersections.

  28. MrLovaLova2020 says:

    This made me smile when I woke up today :) Moussssssse traaaaaaaaaap!

  29. marlajsera says:

    Great party idea!

  30. daiseedeb says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called thinkyummythoughts, and we’d love to have this added to the group! THis is fabulous! Congrats on Explore!

  31. BlitzWing00 says:


  32. sbszine says:

    Go stones are played on the intersections, so the green cupcake has to be othello / reversi.

  33. brdparker says:

    (Seen on BGG)… Completely awesome!

  34. Boxnyc says:

    pretty sweet.

  35. daniel-jones says:

    this is great :]

  36. ]!MB0[0P says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called QUAKE, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  37. merylk says:

    WOW! Fun and tasty! Bakers got talent!

  38. rupeegroupie says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Playing with the Queen of Hearts, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  39. Fungamejunkie says:

    I love your pic! reminds me of the games i used to play at http://www.fungamejunkie.com

  40. lala bonilla says:

    like it

  41. gamebacker says:

    it’s amazing,i like it!

  42. Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = > says:

    Please add to Circle Crazy! Ran across this great picture and think more people should see it!

  43. Marymetcalf says:

    all cool games! Cool Math Games

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