9 Replies to “[1080p HD] 130412 Music Bank Seo In Guk – With Laughter or With Tears”

  1. Which one is the best….it’s up to your taste! 🙂 For me, i love all, each song makes me feel so different….it’s true that he is talented but underrated…so sad :((.. Besides Calling you, Broken or Tease me, you guys should try listening to other songs: Like a fool (love rain ost), Young love, Time machine… Please have a try to his new songs: Were We Happy (ft Goo Hye Sun) and Fly Away (Japanese debut) <3 <3

  2. Out of all his songs he’s come out with, I still like his debut song Calling You the best. I guesshe just showed his best in that one. But either ways I full on support him in anything he does, because we’re his fans(:

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