1099 Tax Forms Retailer, PrintE-Z.com Adds the Popular 1099 – DIV Form to its Portfolio

Monroe, NY (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

In an attempt to provide comprehensive pre-printed tax form options to the present clientele, tax forms retailer, PrintE-Z.com added a range of 1099 DIV forms to the 1099 tax forms portfolio. This addition comes as part of an overall strategy to enhance the various options provided to the customer in the tax forms category. With this launch, PrintE-Z.com now has the most used 1099 tax forms that businesses need to file tax returns.

CEO Morris Rose stated, PrintE-Z.com understands that our customer would like to come to one site and order all the tax related forms that are required from one location. This is why the company is ensuring that new products, particularly in the tax return forms category, are added on a regular basis. The CEO also stated that the company intends to continue adding more forms in order to retain the customers and prevent these customers from going elsewhere.

The strategy that PrintE-Z.com has adopted definitely seems to be working since revenues are up and there are a larger number of customers purchasing and ordering forms from the site. To aid the customer even further, the company has a policy of shipping tax form orders within 24 hours of it being ordered as long as the order is placed before 2pm.

In an earlier statement issued by the CEO, the company believes that PrintE-Z.com also aid small businesses in being able to manage the tax filing process in an efficient manner in this economy. PrintE-Z.com believes that this is done by providing printed tax forms to reduce printing time and manpower requirements.

The 1099 DIV tax forms that have been launched, PrintE-Z.com also provides a range of other 1099 tax forms. These include the 1099 INT forms, the 1099 B forms, the 1099 MISC forms that are so often used for freelance work and contractual services and more. Each of these forms is available in various formats that are compatible with different tax accounting software.

The launch of these 1099 forms is only a part of the larger strategy that includes other categories as well. The company is known to have launched a series of different products in the business envelope category. It has also been released to the press that PrintE-Z.com is likely to be adding more products to the other categories in the near future.

Coupled with the launch of these 1099 forms, the tax retailer intends to continue the first time customer discount of 10 percent through the years as acquiring new customers is one of the main objectives of the new launches. This discount can be used on any product category including forms. Basically, a first tome gets a clean 10 percent off on the bill amount for the first order.

PrintE-Z.com, the leader in online printed tax return forms can also be depended upon to provide the latest version of any tax form that may be required. The company believes that this is something that the customers should not have to worry about. PrintE-Z.com claims that all that the customer needs to do is to decide on the specific software compatible tax form, arrive at the quantities required for ordering and the place the order.

There has also been a significant amount of change that has been brought about in the PrintE-Z.com website. It has been made easy to navigate and use. According to Rose, The company has seen significantly lower levels of drops from our website and the proportion of customers dropping at the checkout stage is minimal.

Some of the other changes that can be expected in the near future from PrintE-Z.com include business forms and business checks too.

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