120704 Infinite Ranking King EP.07 (Full)

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19 Responses to 120704 Infinite Ranking King EP.07 (Full)

  1. yeonji6931 says:


  2. SRLOVE101 says:

    *꼽슬머리 완전 잘오을림^^ 동호

  3. SRLOVE101 says:

    우현오빠 꼾

  4. Chungeun Kil says:

    well I don’t know about you guys, but to me leader gyu looked well hot with the top buttons undone 😉

  5. yonihao says:

    sorry for being random. anyone knows whats the song that appears at 09:50? when woohyun starts commenting with sunggyu.

  6. TaylorFearne says:

    I know this is random But I was watching tv today nd big time rush came on .. Umm doesn’t one of the big time rush member look kinda like Hoya?? Of course Hoya is hotter !!

  7. lhj8650 says:

    Sooooo Coooooool

  8. sugyoung70 says:


  9. sugyoung70 says:


  10. Skcool5kpop says:

    @Skcool5kpop *Songjung

  11. Skcool5kpop says:

    @Skcool5kpop I meant Sungjong –

  12. Skcool5kpop says:

    @Skcool5kpop *Songju

  13. Skcool5kpop says:

    In my opinion, I think L -Myungsoo- & Songjung has the best fashion.

  14. johnathanlee98 says:


  15. fls3416 says:


  16. Superrpham says:

    26:06 LOL awkies smiles. :) but still dashing in the process. 😉

  17. elferi says:

    Lee Yong Dae!!

  18. missyu8shi says:

    how come woohyun is called namgrease? and LOL, dongwoo’s overalls~

  19. dojorockergirl says:

    vote for chaser!!!!!!!!!!!! seoulbeats . com /2012 /07 /sb-midyear-wrap-up-best-mv/

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