121204 Strong Heart Ep 157 “Ranking of aegyo- Eunhyuk, Jisook, DonWook and Park Min Ha”

121204 strong heart ep 157 “Eunhyuk, Jisook, Dong Wook, Lee Sang Yeob and Park Min Ha (The famous little friend of Leeteuk)” 1+1 Guiyomi 귀여미”- 1+1 is also Guiyomi, 2+2 is also Gwiyomi, 3+3 is also Guiyomi, 4+4 is also Guiyomi, 5+5 is also Guiyomi, 6 also Guiyomi, cr: Luzsubk, 2ndLuzsubk, 3ndLuzsubk and 4toLuzsubk
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to 121204 Strong Heart Ep 157 “Ranking of aegyo- Eunhyuk, Jisook, DonWook and Park Min Ha”

  1. ozlemyilmaz777 says:

    eunhyuk was so cute at the beginning :)))

  2. AriyaIsConfused says:

    sooooo cuuuutttteeeer ><

  3. Jolina Tayoto says:

    I want to see more aegyo from Lee Sang Yeob :D

  4. sammibear E.L.F says:


  5. alexia sawyers says:

    So cute~ Omg

  6. lorena bedoya says:


  7. atie4winx says:

    0:49 i literally died. x___x

  8. yheonjhoo says:

    oh my! someone taught me this~~~

  9. MrMartamaa says:

    Lee Sang Yeob.

  10. MrMartamaa says:

    Lee Sang Yeob!!! Cute! ~__~

  11. APinkInfinite says:

    They forgot number 7. Lmao.

  12. Bushra .S says:

    toatlly agree v.v

  13. babybunny757 says:

    Didn’t they copy ihoon from btob he made that cute number counting

  14. mymyx1 says:

    who is the guy in the red jumper? he is adorable a3jakjnd$%^%*(*

  15. kamemarukt says:

    THere should be a closeup & focus on Eunhyuk when he did this…he’s so cute…

  16. MiniiPandaa says:

    it was created by BtoB’s Ilhoon! ^^

  17. Park Minsu says:

    created by ilhoooooon. Spread by many.

  18. InfiniteInspirit1000 says:

    omg ilhoon! he started it~ lol

  19. dang Lloro says:

    yeah…. hyukjae’s aegyo is the cutest of them all. he even beat the cuteness of that little girl…his aegyo was very simple and does not even trying or acting cute,he was just simply mimicking the girl beside him ( don’t know her name) and he did not even bother to finish it and yet he looks so cute and adorable.

  20. starsigngirl says:

    U missed out Kim So Hyun name… The 13 year old child actress

  21. Kat SE says:

    from BtoB Jang Illhoon :)) Really Popular now LOL

  22. TheThaongoc says:

    The cutie player cae from Btob iIlhoon. He did it during a show call weekly idol since then every one start doing the cuite player:)

  23. MONii512 says:

    ilhoon! <3 

  24. guadalupe gomez says:

    esta chido pero la verdad no entendi.pero los besos en los dedos eso es divertido

  25. Shawol2510 says:

    btob’s weekly idol

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