12/12/09 (Tony Hawk, Yahoo’s Clueless, and Darksiders!)

www.youtube.com Click this to watch the previous episode of Inside Gaming. Inside Gaming: 12/12/09 (Tony Hawk, Yahoo’s Clueless, and Darksiders!) Tony Hawk blows, Yahoo don’t know shit, and an exclusive first look at Darksiders. This is Inside Gaming for December 12th, 2009. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: www.youtube.com TAGS: Inside Gaming IG news machinima Khail Sark Rob dead pixel video games trailer twitter inside gaming awards youtube Xbox sequel yt:quality=high 47875837874 752919550281 Tony Hawk Ride Darksiders Forza 3 Motorsport Rogue Warrior Mickey Rourke Saboteur Outside Gaming Legend Of Zelda Critical Flaw Assassin’s Creed Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Playstation Sony
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to 12/12/09 (Tony Hawk, Yahoo’s Clueless, and Darksiders!)

  1. xxxSHAWN2008xxx says:

    @SpiralCheese rocket propelled gernade?

  2. blastercore says:

    Yeah I’m DEFINITELY the ‘ idiot ‘ even though you came up with the GoW copy? Seriously, Which part of your stupid brain told you IT’S A COPY? There’s not the slightest copy part in the WHOLE DAMNED GAME? Camera = different, gameplay = different, weapons = different. Seriously, gtfo. Politeness? Gtfo again, you started your sentence with FUCKING IDIOT? Yeah, awesome.

  3. blastercore says:

    Yeah GoW is Definitely the ” FIRST ” Hack/slash game, GTFO you fanboy retard.

  4. xXRonaldo9Xx1 says:

    4:11 i got a boner

  5. sicandmorfacbani says:

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  6. garzillla86 says:

    my bday

  7. SkaggsBrandon says:

    wtff i have a ps3 dd wen da batteri runs out all u gotta do is charge it with a cable they give u retard u dont have 2 buy another one durrr

  8. articulatoryqtqcmb says:

    this is an extremely good video game i cant imagine it. its a lot greater than mw1. i have only reached the 2nd prestige ! im so proud. got the game just last week using mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) but im witout a doubt wooping most people!

  9. souleyyy says:

    LOOOL racist game (forza motorsport) HAHAHA

  10. jayden5544 says:

    wow 20031 g points someone needs a life

  11. theky13kid says:


  12. JoanClay says:

    brilliant fun we play it frequently at birthdays with my dad he is awesome at it. I managed to get it absolutely free for my ps3 from here – 115 games. com they have thousands I couldnt beleive that they are all free btw 1:04 to 3:44 was excellent

  13. TheLovleyboy2010 says:

    alot of people like you here in the uk because you are a entertaining chap however if you go to london you will be stabbed…. alot…. by 12 year old chavs, enjoy 😀

  14. cheesecutter4 says:

    haha funny and a great video 5 stars

  15. BeeNanners says:

    First comment in 1 month…

  16. captainobvious49 says:

    and its not like most people dont have a million of those usb charger cables in the first place

  17. ChelsieWhitew says:

    you can get ps3 video games for absolutely free. Just Google “ps3 zappy download” – it’s the first link. I downloaded tons of games and it’s and they are marvelous! —  them turn out clue relating to Online’s project. They cable that the studio has tens and tens of millions of dollars as well as close to a hundred multitude wrapped up in crafting a World of Warcraft-style MMORPG. Bethesda reportedly has been

  18. CheeseFlareUK says:

    then fuck off and don’t watch

  19. nilloc93 says:

    get rid of the other 2 please

  20. TubedProductions says:

    Lmao thats me doing the javelin glitch at 6:00 😀 W000000T x)

  21. xlithionx says:

    actually i recently bought a ps3 controller and it didnt come with a charger :O but then again, you probably should have had the recharger the whole time.

  22. PlagueOfBabies says:

    shove off other guys dead pixel is the only funny one and under 7 minutes and i don’t watch for game reviews or what retards said or whats happening outside of gaming!

  23. Jordan Buechler says:

    You Hotass. Mmmm.

  24. Fredricbl says:

    Yeah, wow you don’t think they know that ?

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