130411 Seo In Guk – 웃다울다 (I Smiled and then I Cried) (Comeback)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to 130411 Seo In Guk – 웃다울다 (I Smiled and then I Cried) (Comeback)

  1. Miley Do says:

    Search his songs and you won’t be disappointed! <3

  2. ThisYeoja says:

    Omo! His voice is so nice and lovely !

  3. mnbvc0980 says:

    아놔 왜이렇게잘생김?ㅜ

  4. dntekdnfek says:

    긴 가디건 때문인지 신체비율이 모델같네요.ㅎㅎ 기대했던 서인국표 소울 발라드..웃다 울다..무대도 깔끔하고 라이브 상태 최고라서 더 좋았습니다. 매주 음방 기대됩니다.^^

  5. theprima01 says:

    I knew he IS gorgeous but I didn’t know his voice IS as well!!

  6. yehwon416 says:


  7. withAiren says:

    아미친진짜개잘생겼어 …..

  8. Maricel Veluz says:

    Wonderful voice! Thanks foe sharing!

  9. UnoeWHO118 says:

    awesomeeeeeeee omgeee

  10. Diing6056 says:

    seo in guk ,you are a perfect artist , sing well drama well face well ….all well !!!

  11. Neena San says:

    I think I just died.

  12. ForeverGHS1 says:

    i love it THanks for sharing :)

  13. nimily3 says:


  14. dlsgo317 says:

    헐라이브 ㄷㄷ

  15. k57446132 says:

    아까두 보고선 또 누르고있다~~중독이다ㅠ

  16. sania052 says:

    you are soooo perfect to me in guk oppa. <3 TT

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