14 Day Free Trial Of Senuke XCr Link Building Software

senukexcr-review.net Out now, the new Senuke XCr link building Software. It’s not just better than Senuke X but Senuke XCr completely blows it and every other backlinking software out of the water. Go to this link senukexcr-review.net for a full of all it’s features. The new features of Senuke XCr include 5 new modules. * ADD YOUR OWN SITES: A module allowing you to add your own sites from ANY platform to your software. * CROWD SOURCING: A module allowing you to share with other users, the site templates you have created. You gain points for fixing or improving the templates others have created. * GOOGLE PLACES A module allowing you to create citations for Google places which will rocket your local SEO through the roof * PDF A module that allows you to add PDF files with links to PDF sharing sites. * TURBO WIZARD: module allows you to set up a wizard campaign in 30 seconds * WIKI: A module allowing you to set up hundreds of wiki sites Checkout senukexcr-review.net
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8 Responses to 14 Day Free Trial Of Senuke XCr Link Building Software

  1. robert boyles says:

    I just wasted my time signing up for a free trail, i cannot login to use this crap, It says it cannot be validated

  2. seotastic says:


  3. Bruckle2204 says:

    when is it coming out?

  4. T0PBR0SKI says:

    Like the idea of template sharing

  5. CoverNickiMinaj says:

    Well worth every penny

  6. SuspendHD says:

    It’s gonna be expensive!

  7. diogo dantas says:

    Can’t wait!

  8. BabaiGangsterave says:

    Senuke is a bang on SEO winner!

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