140131 Ranking EXO Cut

Do not mention show name/re-upload/take out translations* Note: HD will be available once YT finish processing. It’s Lunar New Year! Happy Lunar New Year gu…

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25 Responses to 140131 Ranking EXO Cut

  1. Cynthia S says:

    happy lunar new year~ thank you for subbing even though it’s difficult, and dedicating so much of your precious time for us subbies and exotics in general~ ^^ have a wonderful year of the horse!

  2. lululy1993 says:

    Ryeowook <3 show

  3. anocat says:

    aww I felt so sad when Ryewook couldnt guess Kai. When they were shows Kai’s symbol I was like ‘damn, thats too easy that way’ and lol, they didnt know it… I guess it’s only the fans who know which symbol is whose xD

  4. Shirikit Camacho says:

    Is there full? I want to watch whole of it! LOL

  5. Emily Zhang says:

    But what is the link beetween exo and the drama you who came from the stars?

  6. Billie Mae 빌리 says:

    Wonder where Xiumin came on this list In my opinion he’s forever 1st ke ke

  7. 하나 says:

    hahahaha omg wookie how could you, I thought you’ll get it right away xDD

  8. Enxie Nemi Guite says:

    The ranking’s as follows: 1. Siwon (Superjunior) 2. T.O.P (Bigbang) 3. Nickhun (2PM) 4. Changmin (TVXQ) 5. Minho (SHINee) 6. Siwan (ZE:A) 7. Taecyon (2PM) 8. Donghae (Superjunior) 9. L (Infinite) 10. Kai (EXO)

  9. YasaYuu says:

    Kai does a lot of aegyo?! I guess he’s just shy towards the camera then… my baby <3

  10. Do Andie says:

    whats the title of this? i want to watch it full .. >.< hahaha wookie and dongwoon together~ kyaaahhh >/////<

  11. Linnea Nilsson says:

    Really now..? XD Ryeowook if anyone should know. xD

  12. SHINee35 says:

    LOL Exos real mother = Ryeowook!!!

  13. meysha deyby irooth says:

    Jongin…. Daebbak

  14. cyzuka kaisoolover says:

    oh god!! u did sub this one..i was waiting if anybody will sub this..and its YOU!! ILY n TYVM!!

  15. Ola Monisola says:

    i like how at first they chose sehun c:

  16. Claire Sauco says:

    Kai is ranked 10th only? :-( But yeah I guess out of the hundreds of idols that’s still pretty high :-) You’ll always be my no. 1, Kim Jongin! <3

  17. dong dong says:

    I always thought that Sehun was the visual in EXO-K together with Luhan in EXO-M, but anyway congrats Kai you deserve it ^^

  18. luhan r says:

    No wonder kai is at 10th is because he’s so handsome and sexy 

  19. Ren renn says:

    am i the only one who is impatiently shouting kai’s name when the teleportation symbol came out..? lol i just got impatient when they can’t guess it right hahahahah XD

  20. junmyeon's says:

    so cute haha~i agree that kai’s visual appeal is off the charts!and also,i’m glad that ryeowook acknowledges xiumin’s popularity.i don’t know why XD ❤️

  21. Limding48 says:

    I am so happy about this coz kai is my bias!!!!!! 

  22. Finsa Afifatunnisa says:

    Woow Dongwoonssi thought it was Sehun omg

  23. tntgirl100 says:

    I was just screaming Kai as I watched this

  24. v mel says:

    Ryeowook said so many nice things about Xiumin <3

  25. meos cabarles says:

    I guess my Jong-in is that handsome. :)

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