17-year-old sells app to Yahoo! for $30 million

17-year-old sells app to Yahoo! for  million

Nick D’Aloisio shares the story around his app. “Summly,” which was recently purchased by Yahoo! For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/vi…

19 thoughts on “17-year-old sells app to Yahoo! for $30 million

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  2. If i was the son of a bill gates like family I could easily buld this ALSO why would a history exam link to building a news filtering app? Its coz his dad told him to build this specifically

  3. the continued dumbing down of the populace. then again, most of the writing is full of fluff. you can get the whole story in one paragraph if you read it correctly

  4. There would be more kids like this if all teenagers could receive over $200,000 in capital. Also he ignored his developers kinda like Mark Zukerburg what ever his name for Facebook.

  5. Brilliant and mature youngster. Saw him on CNBC a few months ago. I was very impressed and so was the seasoned panel interviewing him. Hope he becomes a role model for his generation.

  6. Wait so he didn’t get around $30million cash into his bank, but $30million worth of Yahoo stock? Dam, with that much stock he could be gaining/loosing thousands daily, I’d say sell at a solid mark and don’t try and be clever and hold on to it, he has the brains to put that money to good use, Yahoo is a declining company which is why they’re willing to pump big money into ideas that they hope will keep them up. Would hate to see this guy’s new found fortune tumble

  7. i should have stayed with my hobby as a kid of playong on old pc’s and mac’s and teying to alter thwir software, hmm but thats what makes life cool no ifa no buts… good on this kid

  8. No, anyone can do it, you just need an idea and a dream. The poor in this country have no excuse whatsoever to get off their asses and make it happen.

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