1966-Remco LIS Robot-Blue&Red With Box.MOV

1966-Remco LIS Robot-Blue&Red With Box.MOV

Another video clip of my 1966 Blue& Red Remco LIS Robot with it’s original box. It still runs pretty good for it’s age, But could probably stand to have some…

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  1. Wow! Now i remember you, I thought your nik sounded familiar. A couple years ago i bought a red & Black Remco LIS Robot from you off of ebay. It ran & Lit up just like new, & I ended up giving it to my older brother as a christmas gift when i got the blue one. However when we ran them out on the kitchen floor, The red n Black one dusted my blue robot. You mentioned that some Remco robots came with the motor mod & Some didn’t, Do you remember if the red & black you sold me did?

  2. Hello: You can try different sizes of wire insulation. Just take the copper wire out, try to put the sleeving over the motors shaft. A small piece. This would give the other wheel more RPM’s and the robot would run quicker. Just be careful not to force the wire insulation over the shaft if it does not fit. Those motors are pretty old. Thanks. Victor

  3. Thanks for the comments! I will try the rubber tubing trick on the motor shaft. Any idea on where size of tubing, & Where i can find it? A craft store, Or Lowes? Thanks!

  4. Wow that blue and red is in nice condition. Did you know that there were two different boxes, just one that displayed on the front about the batteries that were not included. If you want to make this guy run faster, just put a black rubber tubing over the motorshaft. Great video, beautiful robot and box. Victor, toborthegreat

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