1993 interview re: Paul Rand and Steve Jobs

Directed by Doug Evans, CEO of www.organicavenue.com and Alan Pottasch of AMP Films. This was an interview that we did with Steve back in 1993 about Paul Rand. It is amazing how similar Steve and Paul were. Doug Evans
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15 Responses to 1993 interview re: Paul Rand and Steve Jobs

  1. riker23 says:

    you rendered me “fandoid” which is pretty far from the truth. I dont have a smartphone, I had it for a while but all it did for me was taking away my precious time. I have a regular Sony Ericsson to call and send messages. I have DSLR camera so no need for crappy fake blur instagram “photos”, and I have no need for constantly checkin my Facebook, I dont seek e-approval from my e-friends… Apple and Android fanboys are both incredibly retarded miserable cunts far as Im concerned.

  2. Mazen4981 says:

    while I was reading that I heard him say uhh 3 times

  3. probeef says:

    it’s like watching a bizarro bill hicks

  4. riker23 says:

    you apple fanboys are amazing.

  5. ZxZxZxZx623 says:

    I always thought the Next symbol was crap. I think Steve bought into the emperors cloths on this one, no doubt because he was fresh from the sting of leaving Apple and he didn’t want to be a boat rocker at the time.

  6. Earthbond434 says:

    R.I.P Steve Jobs Rest.i.phone

  7. noelio67 says:

    Jesus….i thought he was on about Rand Paul til i read the script again…lol….R.I.P. Steve Jobs…from an Android user……it’s all about respect for innovators across the board of tech-land….it doesn’t matter who you link up with…..RESPECT…as in the game of football(soccer)

  8. simdude2u says:

    I feel in love in NeXT. It’s kinda sad Apple couldn’t implement more of the NeXT features when they acquired them….. R.I.P Steve Jobs

  9. spikeman316 says:

    turtle silk neck

  10. xtreamof says:

    None taken, top IBM leadership indeed is quite a “specific” group of people – like in any large corp. However, i was lucky to work in a tech team with some very smart and hardworking lads and gals. Pleasant experience it was. Would certainly love to work together again.

  11. redralph says:

    No offense, but the “very bright people” who took themselves WAY too seriously and appreciated absolutely nothing else other than their jobs are probably the reason why where IBM is where it is now. Same could be said about HP.

  12. MrDeusvult says:

    cool story

  13. xtreamof says:

    I was a part of this audience as an IBM employee and can tell you nobody of my colleagues (very bright people btw) was amused or even liked it at all

  14. MrDeusvult says:

    Your missing my point, the image your talking about is not a logo, its a piece of graphic design created for an in-house event. I’m sure the intended audience “not you or me, but IBM employees” would have found some fun and humour in it. You need to view the image in context and not judge it without knowing its intention.

  15. xtreamof says:

    MrDeusvult, it’s not about Paul Rand – his contribution unquestionable. The logo made for ibm was meaningless in a way that it was the easiest thing to do by a so called “marketing consultant” – just replace acronym characters with phonetically matching symbols. Known as the cheapest trick in advertising. I could not find a humour in this, no irony, no wordplay, just straightforward conversion. I doubt that Mr Rand even did it himself – more like some assistants of his.

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